Diperkosa Setan, Indonesia Movie

| VCDRip | 2010 |

From the outside, Rico was a handsome young man and good manners. But actually he is a hyper sex disorder that makes him a playboy who always mutually exchange woman every night until finally put to death by kuntilanak disguised as a beautiful girl

2 years after the incident, Marsya girl 22 years old sexy girl is pretty and sexy decided not find a job in Jakarta because she just lost her parents and she should pay for treatment adiknya.Marsya do not have relatives there. He also settled disebuah boarding-lodging house which is nothing but the dorm rooms Rico Rico was and unfortunately this is a place to stay, from where Marsya get a bad event in his life, ghost Rico intercourse ...

Marsya finally got a job as personal secretary Raymond, general manager of the company is interested in him. Andre, an assistant manager at the company were also interested in Marsya

Two months already Marsya working there and he was increasingly close to Andre. Marsya finally dared to tell Andrew that he had been raped by the devil, but Andre does not believe it. Kedaan this does not help ex-girlfriend Karen Andre, Suzan is back and intends to make it up, while strange events continue to haunt Marsya.
How the fate of Marsya next?
Is Andre will believe it and stop the acts Rico or even hug him back to Suzanne?

* Cast: Alona Cynthiara, Teguh Julianto, Amastur, Anggun, Nia, Elfrida Manik
* Genre: Horror
* Country: Indonesia

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