Dragon Tiger Gate

| DVDRip | 2006 |

The story originated from breakup of two brothers one is different fathers mother, Dragon Wong (Donnie Yen) and Tiger Wong (Nicholas Tse) when they were children because the mother brought her son to leave college Dragon Kung Fu Dragon Tiger Gate was founded Master Wong (Yuen Wah), the father of the Dragon and Tiger. The only sign of recognition between them is some parts of the medal of jade held by Dragon while parts of the MAG held by Tiger.

After all these years, Tiger grew into a great young kung fu expert with a high sense of justice. While I was eating in a restaurant with some friends, he accidentally involved in a commotion that occurred in high-level Mafia meeting between gang Ma Kwun with another gang. Tiger makes the members of the mafia becomes topsy turvy with 18 dragon jutsu-kick. In unison with it, accidentally Tiger get gold plaque mafia Luo Cha large organizations that had been held by Ma Kwun.

Charter because it has great power and importance to the organization's Luo Cha, as a result Tiger being chased by the mafia organization and also gang Ma Kwun. Unexpected Ma Kwun's right hand sent to seize the charter it turns out is half sister Tiger, Dragon Wong who have long disappeared from the life of Tiger. On the other hand, a young man named Gold Dragon (Shawn Yue) who wants to be a college student of kung fu Dragon Tiger Gate was helped Tiger. Dragon jade medals that recognize parts of Tiger Tiger so soon realize who acted to save the Tiger from the pursuit of the champion Luo Cha highly knowledgeable as Luosha (Ella Koon).

* Cast: Donnie Yen, Nicholas Tse, Shawn Yue
* Genre: Action | Drama
* Country: Hong Kong

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